Where will I find an invoice for membership?

Your membership invoice is on your company profile online. You need to be logged in, then click on "My Account" at the top of the screen. Then click on your hyperlinked company name under your name. Then go to the Invoices tab and select your open invoice from the PRINT OPEN INVOICE section. If you have trouble, contact us at members@atec.net.au

Which membership category am I in?

Your business is either in the BUYER stream or the SELLER stream of membership. Read about the membership categories and which one is right for your business.

I don’t have an ATEC username or password...

Your ATEC username is your email address. You must use your email address to log on to your membership account. If you’ve forgotten your password, visit the ATEC website and click on “forgot password” or contact us at members@atec.net.au and we can assist you.

Who can process my renewal online?

The ATEC key contact is the individual with the security access to process your membership renewal. The person who receives the renewal correspondence is the authorised representative. If someone else is going to process your organisation's renewal, you will need to allow them to use your ATEC log in, or contact the national office to arrange for another person to be given access.

I don't know where to go to renew...

You need to go to your company record to view your renewal. Click on the company name under your name from your personal profile. There you will see a bright orange "RENEW" button. Click and that takes you to your cart to process your payment over our secure gateway.

The orange button "RENEW" isn't working…

OK. Go to your company record again and click on the "Invoices" tab. Here you will see your membership subscription waiting for you. Click the checkbox and select "Add to Cart" and follow the cart prompts to make payment.

I want to pay by EFT. How can I do this?

OK. ATEC's preferred method of payment is credit card. If your organisation does not have a card available, or you need to arrange an EFT payment, click here to download our bank account details and use your invoice number as the reference. Your membership renewal will be processed internally upon receipt of payment.

How do I upgrade or change my membership category?

If you want to change your membership category, contact us for assistance at members@atec.net.au

How do I update my profile and my membership profile?

Once you are logged in, you can update your personal profile as well as your company’s membership profile. Click on the small pencil on the screen(s) to edit your records. As the key ATEC contact, you can also add people to your membership, upload a logo or a photo and manage your settings. Make sure you update your company profile, your markets and your business information to ensure your ATEC listing is as detailed and accurate as possible. Check that the people listed on your company's profile are still working there!