Yes! I want to be recognised as International Ready and to use the International Ready logo in my marketing.

International Ready has a number of criteria that your organisation needs to meet in order to attain the International Ready status. Please note that continuous and financial membership of ATEC (criteria 1) is mandatory from 1 July 2016. For criteria two (2) to seven (7) you have twelve months to comply.

If you have any questions, or if you need help understanding the criteria, please contact the team at National Office or your local Branch Manager .


Your organisation will need to meet the below criteria in order to be recognised as International Ready. 

1. Met and maintained the ATEC membership criteria and Code of Business Practice via a financial and continuous membership subscription of the Australian Tourism Export Council for more than one (1) year.

2. Sellers: have fully commissionable rate structure(s) at the appropriate international levels.

3.  Attended / participated as a trade delegate at a minimum of one of the following international trade shows in the last twelve months:

  • Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE)
  • Internationale Tourismus-Börse (ITB)
  • World Travel Markets (WTM)
  • Arabian Travel Market (ATM)
  • Australia Market Place / G’Day USA


4.  Attended any international tourism trade mission hosted by Austrade, Tourism Australia or a state/territory tourism organisation in the last twelve months;


5.  Attended / participated as a trade delegate at a minimum of one ATEC business-to-business workshop programs during the past twelve months

6.  Enrolled at least one (1) staff member in an ATEC KITE program/module

7.  FOR BUYERS ONLY: At least one company representative is a registered Aussie Specialist with Tourism Australia’s Aussie Specialist program

To update your International Ready status, log in  to your organisation's member record using your username and password. Click on your company name and navigate to the International Ready Checklist tab. Update yours today!