ELITE 2017 - that's a wrap!

ATEC’s 2017 Emerging Leaders of Inbound Tourism Excellence [ELITE] program launched on Tuesday 8th August in Sydney, and concluded with our 4 teams delivering their final presentations during the Meeting Place 2017, celebrating their graduations at the Meeting Place gala dinner in Perth.  ELITE saw our 31 Emerging Leaders complete a leadership skills development course, bringing them personal and business leadership skills within a tourism context. The learning circle modules via the virtual classroom platform enabled our emerging leaders to work collaboratively in small groups from all corners of Australia. A huge note of thanks also goes to our ATEC ELITE Mentors, who guided the emerging leaders through the program, lending their years of experience and expertise. The value of participating in the program was something the emerging leaders and their mentors alike were able to easily articulate.

Stay tuned for more information on our 2018 Emerging Leaders of Inbound Tourism Excellence (ELITE) Program!

Check out the emerging leaders' experiences from some of our Class 2017

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