ATEC is proud of its advocacy efforts on behalf of the tourism export sector.  We focus our energies on those issues, opportunities or impediments that have a specific impact on the tourism export sector, and hone our message to always reflect a growth-targeted strategy.  Our position is simple: policy development at every level must not be designed or implemented such that it impedes growth.  And furthermore, policy development should always harness growth opportunity - we must position Australia as an attractive, welcoming and accessible destination. Policy that builds barriers or impacts our global competitiveness dilutes our potential.  

ATEC summary policy position:

* invest in visa innovation to be world leaders in visa products and processing
* ensure our global marketing effort is adequately funded via Tourism Australia to maximise conversion
* monitor taxes and charges on the tourism industry: freeze the PMC, avoid other taxes and charges that impact global competitiveness
* ensure we have a flexible and accessible labour force for tourism businesses in regional Australia

ATEC remains active via its policy engagement with key political decision makers at local, state and federal levels.  We regularly contribute to industry discussion via policy submissions, working groups and steering committees. Your voice is heard and your views represented through the media and our various communication efforts including press releases, ATEC Update and social platforms. Stay in touch and have your say.

Browse the list below to read ATEC's recent submissions on a range of issues impacting the tourism export sector.

Pre-Budget Submission 2018
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Review of Services Exports
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Review of EMDG
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Western Sydney Airport
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