Standards & Governance

ATEC Constitution

ATEC’s Constitution provides detailed information about aspects of:

  • Membership
  • Voting Entitlements
  • Register of Members
  • Powers and Duties of Board
  • Fees, Subscriptions and Levies
  • General Meetings

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ATEC Member Code of Ethics & Business Practice 

This Code of Business Standards and Ethics is for members of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC). All members of ATEC are required to comply. Its objectives are to:

  • provide professional business standards that will set ATEC members apart from those who are not members
  • deliver professional business standards by which members can measure the commercial risk of transacting with potential business partners
  • add value to ATEC membership by stating an operational framework within which members can build strong and sustainable business relationships.

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ATEC Regional Branches Charter

The objectives of the Regional Branches is to service ATEC members and represent the local tourism export industry, and their purpose is to enable members to meet regularly to discuss tourism export matters pertinent to the state or territory in which the regional branch is located which they wish brought to the attention of the National Board of ATEC and to increase and strengthen the membership of ATEC. Each branch is led by a committee appointed and/or elected by the members.  The Committee is governed by a Charter.

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