Where will I find an invoice for membership?

Your membership invoice is on your renewal email. You need to click on the link in your membership renewal EMAIL that was sent to you (the key ATEC contact for membership). If you can't locate your renewal email, contact us and we will re-send it to you. Might be an idea to check your Junk folder too. Sometimes those email gremlins like to file things randomly in strange folders...

Renewals seem different this year...

You are right!  ATEC has changed its membership system and we are transitioning across. Your renewal is on the new platform and should be a simple process for you to complete.  In your renewal email, you'll see a link to 'renew online now' - even if you're paying by EFT, click that link and a renewal form will load for you to complete. If you have any issues, just send us an email, we'll help you out!

Which membership category am I in?

Your business is either in the BUYER stream or the SELLER stream of membership. Read about the membership categories and which one is right for your business. 

Who can process my renewal online?

The ATEC key contact is the individual with the security access to process your membership renewal. The person who receives the renewal correspondence is the authorised representative. If someone else is going to process your organisation's renewal, you will need to forward the renewal email to them. They will be able to access the invoice and the renewal notice without needing to log in.

I want to pay by EFT. How can I do this?

OK. ATEC's preferred method of payment is credit card. If your organisation does not have a card available, or you need to arrange an EFT payment, click here to download our bank account details and use your invoice number as the reference. Your membership renewal will be processed internally upon receipt of payment.

How do I upgrade or change my membership category?

If you want to change your membership category, contact us for assistance at members@atec.net.au

Why should I renew my membership?

Well we think there's lots of reasons to stay engaged and ATEC is always working hard on your behalf.  Our members are the experts and it's important that you remain connected to the expert network that drives our international visitation.  But for a few more details on why we are delivering value and commercial opportunity for you, click to read our Report Card.